What To Expect

SpeechMatters uses the most up-to-date assessment materials, resources and approaches to therapy available in a well-equipped client-friendly setting. Our commitment to continuous professional development and research ensures that we can provide our clients with clinical expertise founded upon new and existing evidence bases, while also exploring avenues for future research to continue to deliver a high quality service.

  Initial Asssessment

We will meet with you for an individual assessment and propose a treatment programme if indicated. The initial assessment involves taking a background history, and carrying out a formal or informal evaluation of speech and language skills.

After the initial evaluation, a follow-up session, or series of therapy sessions will be offered, if needed.

  Duration of Therapy Sessions

Assessment sessions range from 1 hour to 90 minutes, depending on the requirement.

Therapy Sessions are usually 40-45 minutes. Shorter/longer sessions are available.